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Heats wins again,tie to Rockets 22 consective wins.

The Heat made 22-game winning streak, tie to the second-longest winning streak of the 07-08 season, the Rockets keep NBA history . James got 22 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists and 2 steals, Wade also got 24 points and nine assists, Bosh scored 18 - Ray Allen scored 20 points, including 16 points from the fourth quarter, Chris - Anderson had 7 points. The Raptors once recovered 16 points, but in the end an opponent 14 points behind the final defeat. The team five players in double figures, Guy scored 27 points, 8 rebounds, 18 points and 18 rebounds Amir - Johnson Jonas - Wa Lanxi Yunus got 18 points and eight rebounds, DeMar - DeRozan and Terence - Rose each had 12 points. Six weeks ago, the Heat got back to Miami defeat Raptors surgery, this got out of hand and start winning streak trip. Today once again face the Raptors, Heat footsteps still did not stop. Heats defeat to the Pacers at score 102-89. The "Big Three" scored 81 points in the next game, the victory over the Raptors. After the game, the Heat looked to the Super Bowl, Battier also delivered a speech, team morale was encouraged. In 2008, the rockets to a record 22-game consecutive winning which is the second longest on record in NBA, the Heat easily tied today. Now spans in Miami before, only the Lakers's record of 33 consecutive victories. James is an opening on the third hit, the Heat head start. The first section there are 7 minutes and 40 seconds, James grabbed an offensive rebound and re-organization of the Heat offensive Bosh under the basket to get the opportunity to Chalmers [microblogging] the ball to him, Bosh easy dunk. James followed by a driving layup, the Heat 10-4 start. Guy continuous shooting, half of this section, he quickly attack checked Palmer Tesla, was the body out of balance, but still hit the ball shot Johnson after an offensive rebound. Raptors 11-10 overtake. Raptors audience of less than 30 seconds ahead, Bosh After two-thirds vote, the Heat again leading 7-0. The first section after the Heat 27-19 dominant.
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