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Texans sign another All Star

it is reported that Puthers Shane Lechler was signed by Houston Texans for a 3 year contract.It is said that the contract is worth 5,500,000 dollars.

Shane Lechler
, who are 36 years old, grew up in East Bernard. He played for Texas A&M University, and now he lives in Richmond. He spent his 13 career years in Oakland, although he could leave there when he was a free agent in 2009.

He finally stayed at Raiders for 4 years valued $12 millions dollars before he considered to played for Texans. And now, he seize the chance. his parents lives in Scilly, his grandparents lives in Horton and his brothers lives in Monte Bellevue . " I have so many fans here. They really want me to play forTexans." said Shane.

The average of Puther about Shane is 47.5, which is ranking in No 1. And his career puther is ranking No, 7. OAKLAND RAIDERS chose Shane in the show of 5th round in 2000. And the team successfully entered the final game of NFL in 2000. And in 2002, Raiders played in Superbowl. But never enter the play off since then. Lechler was in Superbowl 7 times. He keeps record of Puther since NFL and AFL was combine in 1970.
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